What is Unity World Day of Prayer All About? by Marty Beery

Several years ago while on a retreat at Unity Village near Kansas City, MO, my husband Harvey and I were able to attend the World Day of Prayer. What an eye-opening experience it was for me as I entered the Unity Village Chapel and saw that the entire front stage area was literally stacked with nearly one million prayer requests that had been received from around the world.

Even more impressive was the fact that every name submitted was going to be individually, lovingly prayed for in the silence by volunteers. Harvey and I were honored to be part of this beautiful prayer process with the devoted members of this huge prayer team that had come from across the world just for this sacred mission.

Newcomers to our own mystical, spiritual community in Tustin may not realize that Unity’s World Day of Prayer is both a global event centered at Unity Village…and a local event taking place right here at Unity of Tustin! Always held on the second Thursday in September, this beautiful tradition began just over 20 years ago as part of Silent Unity.

Silent Unity may be described as an international, trans-denominational, 24/7 prayer ministry, which has offered continuous prayer support for more than 125 years. Unity World Day of Prayer provides an opportunity for each of us, through prayer, to focus on the spiritual Truth that we are all expressions of the One, and that this recognition of oneness can, and will, heal the world.

The theme of this September’s Unity World Day of Prayer is “Peace in the Midst.” This theme provides the container for us to cultivate inner peace and explore meaningful ways to carry peace into the world for greater harmony and healing. While Unity Village has its own World Day of Prayer retreat, we will have our own day dedicated to prayer.

Here is how that sacred time will unfold in our sanctuary at Unity of Tustin:

  • You are invited to join us for an opening ceremony in our sanctuary beginning at noon. Members of our Reiki Ministry will participate in the opening ceremony.
  • The opening ceremony is immediately followed by a silent prayer vigil until 5 pm. It will be a time to pray and meditate, becoming conscious and receptive. Our Prayer Chaplains will also be present for anyone who would like individual prayers. During the vigil you are welcome to participate for any length of time.
  • During the prayer vigil, the Unity of Tustin Prayer Chaplains will also bless and honor each person in the prayer requests submitted, with confidential prayer and meditation.
  • The day will conclude with a closing ceremony at 5 pm.

Join with us on Thursday, September 14 by taking a midday prayer break, whether at your workplace or at home, or by stopping by Unity of Tustin for the World Day of Prayer 2017. For updates and more information, visit www.worlddayofprayer.org.