Sowing the Seeds of Prayer by Lisa Huett, Prayer Chaplain Director

I had the privilege of being with our youth and family ministry a couple weeks ago. As always, Mare Stephens had a wonderful lesson plan on faith. In part of the lesson, tLisa Huett Piche children were learning about planting seeds and how once you plant the seed, you don’t see the flower right away. As we wait, our job is to water the soil, pick the weeds and take care of the garden, all the time never doubting the flower will eventually blossom.
This is a perfect metaphor for prayer consciousness. Think of your prayers as seeds that have been planted in God’s garden. Like any seed, you may not see it the manifest right away. However, it is important to know that deep beneath the soil, transformation is taking place. Divine intelligence is working within the seed and our job is to provide the right conditions.

It can be difficult to stay in faith while we are waiting for our prayer to manifest. If fear, doubt or worry step into your mind after you have prayed, it is time for you to water your prayer seed. You can do this by speaking faith-filled words over your life.
There is tremendous power in our words. For example, you can say “God is working on my behalf right now, although I may not see it. I know something good is taking place beneath the surface.” For me finding encouraging words, a song or scripture is extremely helpful. Use whatever works to help remember the peace of God in that moment.

For most of us this might be challenging and that is when it is time to remember to lean into Mind of Spirit and not your own feelings. Simply saying our prayers is the easy part. Staying in faith all the way until manifestation is where the rubber meets the road so to speak. This truly takes practice because the ego will always want to pull you away from the Truth. When we rise above fear and doubt, we raise our consciousness and become more readily available to receive the blessing. I often say to myself, “do your best and let God to the rest.” And…if the weeds of doubt spring up in your prayer garden, simply pluck them out and tend to your soil by watering it with loving words, affirmations and/or gratitude.

“If you remain in me and my words remain in you ask whatever you wish, and it will be done for you.”
John 15:7