Serving in our Meals Ministry

Sandi Rynerson
Meals Ministry Coordinator

The Unity of Tustin Meals Ministry Team has been in selfless service since 2006. Our mission is to provide one or two preferably home cooked meals for our Unity of Tustin active particpants and members in times of grieving, birth, or medical challenge/recovery. While we provide meals for our members, Love is the most important component of our ministry. We see this ministry as a way to extend our heart and hands to those who are the heart and hands of our church and in need of extra support.

Even though we have worked under the radar, and have not advertised our ministry, recently the need for our ministry has increased. Since we are a small group we see that this is Spirit’s way of letting us know that it is now time to expand. Our vision is to enlarge our team so that we can better serve our Unity of Tustin community.
There are many ways in which to serve on the Meals Ministry Team:

  1. Preparing a meal
  2. Purchasing a meal
  3. Purchasing a gift card for a meal
  4. Financially contributing towards a meal
  5. Delivering a meal or being a part of the delivery team
  6. Holding this ministry and our members in prayer

Our team communicates primarily via email. Please go within and listen if you are being called to serve on this beautiful ministry of love. Please email if you are willing to serve. We would be honored to have you join us.