The Miracle Standing Before Us

We have come to my favorite time of the year. The coming of fall means it’s time for Adventure in Faith (AIF) and then soon, the holidays. My heart goes pitter-patter in anticipation of it all. This is the perfect time to come back from your summer travels and busy-ness and give yourself the gift of being spiritually fed and inspired each Sunday at Unity of Tustin. This year, our AIF book is The Creative Life by Eric Butterworth (available in our Timeless Wisdom Books & Gifts Store) and I’m finding it is becoming one of my favorite Unity books. We’ll also be tying in each chapter to a site in our Meditation Gardens.  Modeled on the book of Genesis, our gardens are a living template of and for creation. I love that we’ll be working so deeply with this material and that you get to apply it to your life so powerfully.

As you begin your own journey in The Creative Life, there might be something you would like to hold in consciousness – a Divine Idea that is feeling ripe to you. To bring this idea into manifestation, we’ve created an AIF Passport for the Journey. This is a guidebook of spiritual teachings, a journal with space for you to record your own creative process each week. AIF is more than a personal study of a book. AIF is an opportunity for you to connect with your community in a meaningful way. Thich Nhat Hanh said “The next Buddha will be a sangha.” A sangha is a community of spiritually oriented people. AIF is our way of cultivating a stronger tie to our spiritual life and to our community.

There are several ways that we accomplish that vision. There will be home groups for you to attend, services and fun activities to participate in, and an opportunity to set your commitments to our spiritual practices both at the beginning and end of AIF.

Over the years I have noticed that the word commitment can bring up a variety of responses. I have a home loan. I have committed to pay off a part of that loan every month. I have friends. I have committed to being there for them in times of joy and sorrow. Some of our commitments are formal, others not. But the fact remains that we are constantly setting and following through (or not) on our commitments because we are constantly in relationship. Without commitment, the fabric of society falls apart. No Divine Idea can come to fruition without a commitment

Just as we are in relationship with the world, we are also in relationship with the Divine. During AIF at Unity of Tustin, we have created a comprehensive commitment form that encompasses the six spiritual practices that sustain us on our spiritual path. It is your way of consciously considering how you want to be in relationship with the Divine through practice.

For the first time we will be setting our commitments on week one of AIF so that we will have all seven weeks to consciously practice our commitments together. Considering how we want to be in relationship with the Divine is a valuable part of the spiritual journey. It helps us be aware of how and where we want to place our energy and intention. One of those practices is tithing. AIF is the perfect time to practice and put the spiritual law to the test. There is something important about giving consistently, participating in the on-going flow of abundance in your life. A great way to stay consistently in the flow of abundance is to sign up for automatic giving. Go to our website, click on Donate Now and set up your recurring donation.

Tithing at Unity of Tustin allows you to join with your community in transforming lives and realizing God. We are a community and sacred grounds that require the circulation of our good and blessing in the form of financial abundance. As you engage in the sacred practice of tithing, you are truly part of the stewardship of our sacred community, ensuring sustainable funding for our programs, people and gardens.

On October 2, we’ll begin our journey in conscious commitment to our spiritual practice and demonstrating our devotion to Unity of Tustin. On the last Sunday of AIF, November 13, we will have our third annual Spiritual practice commitment ceremony at the 9 and 11 am services.

What miracles might be standing before you, waiting to unfold through the creative process? Let’s find out together…


Much Love,

Rev. Carolyne