Introducing Big Magic for Jan & Feb 2016

Have you been wanting to see something manifest in your world? Perhaps a new idea or a certain quality? This Sunday, January 10, 2016 I’ll officially begin our series on Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert! My talk title is “Should I Be Upset Or Grateful?” This question came out of my mouth when I was reflecting on those moments in our lives when someone else’s action or choice shaped your life. And, in reflecting on that, it leaves us wondering, “should I be upset or grateful?”

As we begin our exploration into Big Magic this type of reflection seems to be a little off topic. Except it’s not. The universe, through creation, is constantly creating. Experiences are happening all the time. Objects and structures are coming into expression every second. From the cellular level to the cosmic. There isn’t one moment that something isn’t being created. And that’s where we come in. As human beings, we are in the unique position of being conscious of the creative process.

Creative living is really about living from the Divine creative power that we are as bridges between the unseen and the seen world. Using both our metaphysical principles and our mystical experience, we become the field from which the creative impulse lives in the world. But before we go into the much more popular topics of manifestation and creativity, I want to start where Elizabeth Gilbert starts, with fear and courage. This is one of the major blocks that I have seen in any spiritual realization. And, we typically aren’t even aware of it or we are told in a more new agey sort of way to just not be afraid. I’ve even asked myself “what would I do if I wasn’t afraid?” While a good question, fear is much more complicated than that. Just like those situations I spoke of earlier, we can also ask our fear if we should be upset or grateful for its existence in our life.

The primary companion (notice I didn’t say antidote) to fear is courage. It is actually a requirement if we are to bring forth the gifts that are hidden deep within us. Ultimately, that gift is the gift of living from our awakened nature. Over the next 2 months we are going to be in relationship with the creative spirit, work with dissolving the blocks to manifestation and ultimately live a life of Big Magic. I’ll also be weaving in teachings from Discover the Power Within You by Eric Butterworth. It will be a rich time for us all as we discover what creative living really is and why it’s not just reserved for professional artists. Creative living is God’s invitation for us to show up in the world from our power. See you at Unity…