From Surviving to Thriving

Lin Weinberg, Licensed Unity Teacher

Lin Weinberg has been a Licensed Unity Teacher since 2009 but her spiritual journey began long before that. As with so many who come to Unity, she was raised Baptist but found the dogma didn’t resonate with her. She later raised her children in the Methodist church but found herself seeking “something deeper” once they were on their way.
“I lived in Asia after college and was constantly drawn to Shinto shrines and Hindu ceremonties. My life seemed to be putting me in places where I was exposed to a variety of religious practices and different beliefs. It all just felt right to me.”
Lin first went to a Unity church in Pensacola, Florida and then moved to Denton, Texas. She became a Prayer Chaplain and brought the Prayer Chaplain program to her church. After taking a few SEE courses, she decided she wanted to become a Licensed Unity Teacher. “I never expected to take this step. I was so shy and unsure, any sort of leadership role would have seemed as foreign as landing on the moon!”
But being at Unity Village was truly life-changing. “I was expanding in every conceivable way. The classroom experience was amazing – the other students from around the world brought so much insight and richness to my learning. I had been a teacher before but this was the deepest experience I’d ever had.”
Licensed Unity Teachers have qualifications to teach SEE (Spiritual Education & Enrichment) classes, lead special services, and may even lead a Unity church. “I know some LUT’s who have founded their own center especially if they live in an area where there isn’t an actual church.” LUT”s can specialize in certain areas, such as adult education, music, administration, pastoral care and youth & family. If you have questions about the LUT program, Lin is eager to answer your questions.
“One of the major things that drew me to Unity was that each individual is invited to find God for themselves. No one is asked to believe anything. The practices of prayer and meditation, selfless service, tithing and spiritual study have been my anchors.”
SEE classes are offered here at Unity of Tustin and range from Healing & Wholeness, Prosperity and Metaphysics. “I strongly encourage anyone taking the SEE classes to take them for credit. Even if you don’t think you would want to become a Licensed Unity Teacher, I promise that you might change your mind. I know so many people who didn’t think it mattered but were so glad they had taken the class for credit.”
The next class offered here is Metaphysics I beginning August 19. “We’re trying the daytime format and it has been quite successful, but I would consider an evening or weekend class for those who can’t make the daytime class.”