Finding Your Yes and Leaning In

Debbie dela Cuesta
Board of Directors, President

The quote “may you live in interesting times” came to mind as I sat to write this article. It seems to reflect the collective consciousness of today, one of change and transformation. This also includes our beloved Unity of Tustin.

It was recently announced that Jim Tyner, President of our Board of Directors has been guided to resign. Sensing into his own spiritual direction, he understood his work and service was complete. He knew he had finished what he had come to do. He had been a key player of the leadership team that had led us through the transition of ministry, from Dr. Marj Britt into the ministry of Rev. Carolyne Mathlin. Jim has been an excellent leader, providing much stability and vision for not only the ministerial transition but also for many other ministries and projects over the years that have blessed us all. And now, Jim’s wisdom is to lean into this time of change and mystery. Though he also added, “we (he and his beloved Sue) are not going anywhere!” We are grateful for his leadership and his mentorship of our board over the years. And our response to this call and change is “Yes and…”

Each of us are invited to find our yes in times of change. My yes has been a willingness to be open to this next call to leadership. My old story of the reluctant leader is no longer serving what I have been called to be and do. I’ve become aware that this old story is actually turning away from where the rubber meets the spiritual road. Where I am called to act on and from love. Synchronicity and grace brought me a quote from Marianne Williamson’s The Law of Divine Compensation, “Putting Love first means knowing that the universe supports you in creating the good, the holy and the beautiful. It means knowing that you’re on the earth for a purpose, and that purpose itself will create opportunities for its accomplishment.” What might be your call into this new Yes?

One of the ways we as your board are being called is to lean into you, our beloved community. In this time of transition we have been guided to hear from you in the form of a survey (something we have talked about for a while now). We want to know your spiritual longings and needs for these times. It is our intention to move ever more deeply into our vision of being a mystical, spiritual community, radiating Light and Love, transforming consciousness. As a holder and beacon of this light of consciousness in these times of uncertainty we especially need you. While this is a call to continue our essential practices of contemplative prayer, meditation, devotion, spiritual study, transformation of Self, conscious giving and selfless service, it is also a call into a collective mysticism, an embodied WE-mysticism.

I have been hearing and seeing this call in many of the master teachers of our time. One of my favorites is Richard Rohr, a Franciscan whose teachings embody the mystical, non dual traditions we embrace here at Unity of Tustin. I begin my day with his daily meditation. He too has been speaking of Love in the form of “WE.” He writes “the beginning and end of everything is love. Only inside the mystery of love- mutual self-emptying and infilling- can we know God. This is the greatness [of God], that it asks of all of us something we -alone, apart, separate- cannot do! Only by living in love, in communion- God in us and we in God- do we find a love flowing through us, toward us and from us that is bigger than our own.” He ends his mediation with Gandhi “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” This wisdom is also reflected in our own Unity fifth principle, “Knowing and understanding the laws of life, of Truth are not enough. A person must also live the Truth he or she knows”.

I am leaning in. Will you join me in this time, in this dance of the mystery? I am grateful to you all.