FAQ edition 1

Why, when and how do I renew my membership?

Every year in March we send out an email to our members asking you to renew your membership for another year. This is in accordance with our bylaws that state that to be considered an active member we need a current renewal on file. This ensures that our records are up to date and that you still would like to be considered a member at Unity of Tustin. It also means you are a legal, eligible member to vote at any membership meeting. Members: please check your email box or the welcome table in the weeks leading up to the Annual Meeting for a renewal form.

What’s the difference between tickets and love offerings for classes and workshops?

A ticket is typically for an event or class that has a set price attached to attendance. You can purchase a ticket online at www.unitytustin.org or at Timeless Wisdom Bookstore during regular business hours.

We offer many classes and programs on a love offering basis. A love offering is an amount you give from your heart that reflects the value you have received in spiritual nurturing. Like tithing, a love offering is participating in the sacred flow that has its Source in God. Your love offerings go specifically to support that class including potentially compensating the presenter.