Called by Love Presents: Codes of Co-Creation Meditation Garden Series

Called by Love


Called by Love Institute with Dr. Marj Britt will focus all their monthly events in 2016 at Unity of Tustin on the Meditation Gardens in preparation for Adventure in Faith 2016. Our book this year will be Marj’s long-awaited first book hot off the press! Marj will offer an intensive in November in conjunction with renowned spiritual teacher and Marj’s close friend, Andrew Harvey.

All are invited to attend the following love offering events as a path to greater depth of knowledge about Marj’s teachings on the Meditation Gardens:

May 13 & May 14, 2016
Site 3: Marj with David Jonathan
Glimpses of the Soul / Divine Imagination… direct guidance from spirit. Downloads.
Jun 17 & Jun 18, 2016
Site 4: Marj with Coral Rose
Going into Action: Executive Power of the Mind (Divine Mind). Thy Will be done through me this day. Divine Will and our surrendering to living God’s plan in our life. Using both right brain (creativity) and left brain at the highest level of understanding we have.
Jul 15 & Jul 16, 2016
Site 5: Marj with Melanie Davis
Discernment and Choice. Angels and sea monsters. surprises come in our lives ex:end of relationships, deaths, etc… things we didn’t / don’t want.
Aug 12 & Aug 13, 2016
Site 6: Marj with Fabienne Meuleman
Mystical Marriage. Integration of Divine Feminine and Masculine within you. Holy Union within our own being.
Sep 16 & Sep 17, 2016
Cave of the Heart: Marj with Kay Hultgren
Cave of the Heart: past – present – future as one, Multiple Realities existing simultaneously visible and Invisible.
Oct 14 & Oct 15, 2016
Site 7: Marj with Vanessa & Nicolaas-John van Nieuwenhuysen
Realization… See God in every stage of our live and in every stage in the lives of others.
*worldwide call on Wed 10/19 at 10 am Pacific
Nov 10 to Nov 14, 2016
Celebration Of All The Garden Sites
with Andrew Harvey & Marj at Unity of Tustin: details to follow.
Dec 9, 2016 & Dec 10, 2016
Site 8: Marj with Caroline Bush & AJ Lipscomb
Coming back into the market place with Gift Bestowing Hands. I am the Light of the world / You are the Light of the world / We are the Light of the world.
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