Answering the Call to Pray

Lisa Huett
Prayer Chaplain Director

It has been my honor to serve as the Prayer Chaplain Director for two years now. I find with each passing year my faith in the power of prayer only grows. I watch as our Prayer Chaplains serve selflessly every week on Sundays and make monthly prayer calls to our members. When we gather for our meetings the energy of prayer and devotion is evident. I am lifted up by their spoken and unspoken prayers. I hope you are too.

I am also touched by you and your willingness to come to us for prayer. When we rise above fear and doubt, we raise our consciousness and become more readily available to receive the blessing. I often say to myself, “do your best and let God do the rest.” Having the support of our Prayer Chaplains during challenging times and joyous times is one of the great gifts we can receive at Unity of Tustin. To know there are committed souls willing to pray with you, that do not judge the situation, but instead hold you in the highest light is a blessing. They hold what is shared in confidence, ensuring that you can share the prayers that are truly on your heart. If you haven’t asked a Prayer Chaplain to pray with you recently, I encourage you to do that. It is their honor to serve you in prayer.

For those of you who are feeling the call to join in that service, it is once again that time of year when we open up our Prayer Chaplain Ministry to new members. If you are interested, even slightly, in participating in this sacred ministry, I invite you to join me and Rev. Carolyne at our orientation on March 19 at 1 pm. At the orientation we will answer questions such as:

  • What is a Prayer Chaplain?
  • What is the role of a Prayer Chaplain?
  • Position Description
  • Expectations / Commitment
  • Training Schedule

You will also have an opportunity to ask your own questions. Email for more information.

I look forward to serving with our amazing Prayer Chaplains another year as we join together in prayer.