A Campus of Love and Compassion

Nevin ValentineThrough the years, Unity of Tustin has been known as a campus of consciousness.  Recently, Gail Hamley described Unity of Tustin as a campus of love and compassion.   I was happy to hear her include these additions because I see glimpses of love and compassion everywhere in our Youth and Family Ministry.

I see love and compassion between siblings on their first day in Sunday school class.  Often the Unichildren siblings will be asked by the younger siblings to stay with them in the Unitot classroom on that first day.  The compassion in the eyes of those Unichildren for their little brothers and sisters as they say yes to this request truly melts my heart.

Another example is near the end of the morning when we come together for music with Jim and Christy White. When the Unitots enter the music room, they often run to and hug their older sibling.  And, the Unichildren will find their Uniteen and Y.O.U. siblings to sit with too!

I see glimpses of love and compassion each Sunday morning as the teachers meet in the gazebo to pray together before Sunday school classes begin.  As we share our prayer requests and highest intentions for our children and youth’s Sunday experience, we all feel the open-heartedness we have for one another.

Each month during our prayer circles with Lisa Huett, I witness the love and compassion within the words of the children and teens’ prayer requests for family, friends and pets.

I witness love and compassion expressed during our teacher meetings, as we decide the best practices for teaching and make curriculum choices.  I see glimpses of love and compassion as the teachers support one another in their sacred roles as teachers of our children and youth.

Our community shows their love and compassion when they support our Youth and Family Ministry Fundraisers. I see love as teens and parents wash cars side by side, when generous members of our community provide pledges and donations, and in the eyes of our community as they drive up to have their cars washed.

I see love and joy as the MUTs sing and BBQ during the July Family Picnics and as we play games together. I see love and compassion when the Unity of Tustin Board of Trustees visits our Sunday school Classes and gets to see first-hand the amazing team of teachers and experience the outstanding lessons.

I see love and compassion in our Unity of Tustin community each time they hear our children sing the Peace Song or The Prayer for Protection. I treasure the moments during these times when I see parents watching their beloved children sing for the congregation.

I see glimpses of love during our Christmas party, when our beloved Arnie Bazensky appears as the most real Santa Claus in America!  He exudes love as he poses for photos with the children as our elf Madison hands out candy canes.  I see love on the faces of the children as Pam Bazensky reads The Night Before Christmas, year after year.

I see glimpses of love as we join in the circle dances with Jim and Christy during the holiday party!

I see glimpses of love and compassion as I look out into the Children’s Garden and see children joyfully playing together while their parents talk, long after Sunday school has ended.

I see glimpses of love and compassion each day as I serve our beloved community with Rev Carolyne Mathlin, Mary Jeanne Haas, Darrell Holdaway, Amy Jahn, Meredith VanSteenwyk, Conchita Castro, Marco Bella and Lori Randolph, as we support one another in serving our beautiful community and campus of consciousness, love, and compassion.