Statement from Unity Ministers & Leaders regarding ban on Muslims

December 12, 2015
Ministers and Spiritual Leaders of Unity Worldwide Ministries adopt the following resolution:

The ministers and spiritual leaders of Unity Worldwide Ministries condemn hate speech and any call to ban Muslims from entering the United States. We believe in the equality of all people and the Golden Rule in almost all world religions. We refuse to condone any policy of discrimination against others. We believe that all people have been created in the “image and likeness of the Divine.” (Genesis 1:26-27) and we hold all people as our sacred brothers and sisters. In Unity, we understand our sacred oneness with all people and realize that any split in that oneness, is a split within the very fabric of our own nature.

We realize that we learn and deepen our spiritual understanding by coming together, standing together, and learning from one another. We realize that FEAR stands for False Evidence Appearing Real, and we refuse to give power to any fear. We understand that while fear may be a natural immediate response to situations, it is not a response that leads to wise actions, for it injures ourselves, our bodies and our relationships. We call on all people to lift their consciousness to one of compassion where we are led by God and by the wisdom within our hearts. It is up to us to denounce the spread of fear which separates us from our innate wisdom and from our human family. It is up to us to embrace our shared humanity as we welcome in the stranger and realize that we are one family in God. During this sacred time of Christmas, let us make room in the Inn of our hearts and our Nation for the sacred families that flee terrorism, for as we do this, we raise not only our own consciousness but the consciousness of our planet! We find the Peace that passes understanding and make a place for it in this world!