Adventure in Faith 2017

What is Adventure in Faith?

Adventure in Faith is an annual Fall program at Unity of Tustin during which the community comes together to do an in-depth study of a book.  The 7 week study is intended to increase our personal and community spirituality.  We deepen our connection to Spirit, Our True Self and our spiritual community.

In addition, we raise awareness of many aspects of our Unity of Tustin community.  This includes expanding our understanding of Unity of Tustin’s vision, mission, and values.

This time provides the opportunity to contemplate and take action on 6 spiritual practices:

  • Spiritual study
  • Devotion/worship
  • Selfless service
  • Conscious giving/tithing
  • Transformation of self/shadow work
  • Prayer and meditation

This program culminates with the opportunity to consciously set intentions for the 6 spiritual practices for the upcoming year.  And to punctuate our process of unfolding we enjoy a celebration together as one community in our community.


The Book Everything Belongs

This book, written by best-selling author, Fr. Richard Rohr, is an in-depth look into the reality of we humans being fully human and divine.  It examines the importance of welcoming everything into our lives, whether we consider it pleasant or unpleasant, fair or not, like us or different, a blessing or a curse.  Everything belongs.


Richard Rohr helps us to:

  • See where our ego gets in the way of our soul,
  • Clean our lens so that we can see clearly
  • Understand that the Universe is friendly
  • Explore the power and responsibility of free will
  • Know how prayer and suffering relate
  • Consider that to be forgiven is to know God
  • Recognize God’s most dangerous disguise.

Richard Rohr is frequently mentioned at Unity of Tustin and is a prolific author, Franciscan Monk and founder of the Center for Action and Contemplation.  He is a strong proponent of the 12-step process for healing and growing our spirituality.  He practices and teaches Centering Prayer.

Study groups are meeting around Orange County (and some surrounding counties). Contact the church office for more information at 714-730-3444 ext 109. Download the book study guide by clicking here. Want more information about Contemplative Prayer and how to practice it? Find out here.