A Year of Spiritual Intelligence

I regularly hear from people, “There are so many classes offered at Unity. I don’t even know where to begin or what to take.” Over the years teams have attempted to create a curriculum that addresses this need. We’ve tried saying a particular class is entry-level, this class is advanced, etc. That has never felt right.

Then, in September 2014 I and several other Unity of Tustin community members took the SQ21 Coaches training facilitated by Cindy Wigglesworth, Debbie dela Cuesta, Veronika Tracy-Smith and Steve Sphar. While I have been aware and even taken classes on SQ21 over the past four years, this time I became aware of how revolutionary this work is for anyone, at pretty much any stage of life and spiritual development. It helps us understand where our growing edge is and thus where to focus our energy.

When I really got what the SQ21 skills (and for a more personal understanding, the SQ21 Assessment) really offer, everything clicked into place. The skills outline areas in our development that are markers of spiritual growth. The SQ21 roadmap and SQ21 Assessment are guides to creating your own Spiritual Individual Educational Plan.

The SQ21 has everything in it. It has the individual & collective. It includes all the maps and models we have studied at Unity over the years (and many more we could study). It’s a framework for what we have been doing at Unity for the past 22 years.

Suddenly, sitting in the sanctuary, it all became clear. 2015 would be the year we will focus on all the skills, letting each quadrant become a theme for a quarter. We can go deep and really explore the practices that open us and transform our lives. And, for those of you who want a more personal understanding of where you are on each of the skills, you can take the SQ21 Assessment.

Unity of Tustin is offering the SQ21 Assessment, which is normally offered for $159, for $100. To take the assessment, go to https://unitytustin.org/?p=6973.

I look forward to sharing with you the insights from each of the skills, tapping the wealth of resources within our community and bringing in Master Teachers who will illuminate the themes offered in each of the quadrants. I am on fire for the possibilities that await us.

Many Blessings,

Rev. Carolyne Mathlin


Making a Spiritual Commitment 2015

Click the commitment card then click the blue link on the page to print your own version as a .pdf. We encourage you to return it to the church via email (unity@unitytustin.org), mail or dropping it off to the office. Our prayer team will hold all your commitments in prayer. Your card will be returned to you early in 2015.f]